The Committee

The Committee consists of members across all current years of Dentistry. The purpose of the committee is to organise and facilitate Dentistry related academic and non academic events. The committee also functions as the voice of the student body raising and discussing concerns with academic staff. Certain positions are only available to certain year levels of Dentistry.


Mason Wong

Vice President

Leanne Brunton


Sai Pabbati


Tina Cheng

Sponsorship Co-ordinator

Crispa Cristy

Academic President

Irene Fang

Social President

Cassia Hodgson

IT Officer

Callum Lupton

Sponsorship Officer

Americo Gomez

Sponsorship Officer

Luca Mayne

Charity and Wellbeing Co-ordinator

Shelby Armstrong

Sports Co-ordinator

Joe Kenway

Publication and Media Officer

Michael Tien

5th Year Social Rep

Elchèrü Hepburn

4th Year Social Rep

Liam Maundrell

3rd Year Social Rep

Rishil Raniga

2nd Year Social Rep

Anna Bermingham

1st Year Social Rep


5th Year Academic Rep

Manvir Grewal

4th Year Academic Rep

Liam Maundrel

3rd Year Academic Rep

Chanel Votrubec

2nd Year Academic Rep

Megan Wydell

1st Year Academic Rep

Sho Kaminakamura

5th Year Placement Rep

Aaron Lo

4th Year Clinical Rep

Roshni Thekkekara

3rd Year Clinical Rep

Marnus Grobbelaar

International Student Rep

Nimrit Mangat

ADSA Liaison Officer

Pyper Smith

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Representative

Kaylarni Rose

Charity and Wellbeing Officer

Caroline Ho

Charity and Wellbeing Officer

Sebastian Collis

The Constitution

The Constitution is the basis of JCUDSA and determines what actions are taken and the procedures that need to be followed. Below you will find a PDF copy of The Constitution. Feel free to download and peruse it. It is a useful document to familiarise yourself with if you are considering to run for a position in The Committee. All students wishing to run for election must thoroughly read the constitution.

Latest JCUDSA Constitution (December 2016)