Townsville Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery (TOMS)

Townsville Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery (TOMS) is locally owned and run by Dr Benjamin Rahmel. Dr Rahmel completed a Bachelor of Science in 1997 and a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery in 2003 both with the University of Queensland. Having developed an interest in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Dr Rahmel went on to complete a Bachelor of Dental Science and then a Fellowship in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery with the Royal Australian College of Dental Surgeons.

Together with his colleagues Dr Lakshmi Ramalingam, also a registered medical and dental specialist, the team at TOMS is able to provide comprehensive treatment in both minor oral surgical cases, such as wisdom tooth removal, oral pathology and dental implants, as well as complex cases such as bone grafting, trauma, orthognathic surgery and joint replacements.


Dental Protection Limited – DPL

Dental Protection Limited (DPL) has been supporting and protecting the dental health profession in Australia for more than 45 years. A first-class service to members combined with the wealth of educational information and risk management material has made DPL the largest organisation of its kind in the world with over 66,000 members around the globe. Student membership is free and gives you access to indemnity insurance for dental volunteering trips. You also receive our annual publication Dental Student Australia, you can log-on to our e-learning platform Prism as an extra study resource and you can also get advice from our Dento-Legal Advisers while studying and as you prepare to graduate. With a multitude of benefits, why not join DPL today?


Dental101 – Dental Education Simplified


A-dec has collaborated with some of the greatest minds in dental education and has been working with JCUDSA for many years. A dec has been creating specially designed dental equipment for schools, hospitals, and the federal government for more than 40 years. Whatever the need, expect the long-term cost benefits of reliable A-dec equipment. Whether your primary challenge is space, integration of technology, or a combination of other requirements, A-dec is ready whenever you are with its goal to leave nothing to chance by crafting a plan with industry insights that help predict the future and get the most out of a dentist’s investment dollar.


Australian Dental Association Queensland – ADAQ

As the Professional Association for Dentists since 1908, ADAQ aims to support dental students throughout their education and nurture their transition from student to practitioner. We are a purpose-led organisation for dental students and Dentists, and we look forward to guiding JCU students throughout their studies to prepare them for the profession.

Medical Indemnity Protection Society – MIPS 

MIPS is a proud supporter of JCUDSA. MIPS is a non-for-profit organisation formed to support and protect the character and interests of its members; promote honourable and discourage irregular practice; consider, organise, promote and support of oppose legislative or other measures affecting members. MIPS’ main role is to assist members if there is an adverse outcome during their professional practice. This assistance includes collegiate support and understanding, in addition to the management of complaints and claims against members.  

Additional Sponsors

Endodontic Group

At the Endodontic Group we combine specialist expertise, advanced technology and a compassionate approach to treatment to give every patient the best experience possible. Beyond offering patients the highest standard of care, we strive to support dental students through additional education, employment tips and access to our expert knowledge. Student Connect is the easiest way to access our expertise, learn about our upcoming events, and keep track of new developments in endodontics. It’s complimentary to join Student Connect at so register now to stay ‘in the loupe’, view past event galleries or ask an Endodontist a question. We also invite dental students to connect with us on LinkedIn, follow us on Facebook and join our closed Facebook discussion group Endodontic Group Expertise. We look forward to supporting JCU dental students during your studies and beyond as you progress into practice. We’re here to help.

JogoWear Scrub Group

JOGO® hopes to inspire health professionals to find balance and embrace confidence in their everyday lives. After years of wearing unflattering and uncomfortable uniforms as practising dentists, founders Cathleen and Cherie wanted a simpler, streamlined option which allows you to focus on the important job at hand. With our ‘no frills’ approach to design, we aim to create smart, functional and intuitive apparel that moves WITH you.  

Just like how there is ‘more than meets the eye’ with our apparel, we also know that you are ‘more than a health professional’. We believe that every person is a complex and multifaceted individual and more than just our job title. 


JCUDSA is dependent on sponsors to continue their support of Dentistry students. We are very thankful for those that assist us financially every year.

For more information on how to become a sponsor and market your company amongst students, staff and professionals please send us an email.